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Under The Blue Lights is a series created by Immanuel Gracia that tells interrelated stories of a supernatural force affecting multiple people. Filmed in Greensboro, North Carolina aka “Hollyboro”, Immanuel takes his audience on a journey that involves emotional plots and memorable characters with artistic passions. This creative take on artistry and video editing, helps viewers understand the importance of knowing themselves and finding themselves. Under The Blue Lights.

Under The Blue Lights Episode 1: Tribute to the KING

After arriving on an unknown street in Hollyboro, a man expresses his hidden desires for a special woman.

Under The Blue Lights Episode 2: GIPSI DANGER

A man traveling from state to state in search of acceptance finds himself at a pitstop in Hollyboro. When he comes in contact with an unexpected supernatural force, he finds the love he’s been searching for.

Under The Blue Lights Episode 3: Confessions

A young woman with a deep confession goes to meet someone at a barbershop. After she arrives, she receives more than she expected.

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