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The GDE team is composed of passionate individuals skilled in concept creation, writing, cinematography, animation, sound engineering, and more. With a genuine love for all aspects of the creative process, our level of dedication to excellence can be experienced not only concerning our in-house projects, but in every project produced for our clients as well. There are a few pillars that drive our well-oiled production machine: quality storytelling, innovation and originality, attention to detail and thoroughness, professionalism and service.



CEO, Director, Producer
Immanuel Gracia, also known as GoldenLord, is the founder/CEO of Golden Dynasty Entertainment. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico but raised on the north side of Philadelphia; Gracia has always felt natural gravitation towards the arts. Seeing creative expressions such as music, dance, and fashion as tools to change the world. He took this mindset with him as he attended the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. However, he soon transferred to North Carolina A&T. This transfer allowed him to further develop his talents in graphic design while further embracing black culture. Gracia believes that every avenue of artistry should be explored. Despite winning two LA Indie music awards in 2016, Gracia does not confine himself to one track. Thus, allowing him to create and oversee multiple artistic projects Ranging from music, film, and fashion. His newest endeavor (Samurai the Legendary Ronin) is a culmination of his work throughout the years. Not only exploring a topic that is close to home for him but allowing him to find talent in multiple forms to bring this show together. He hopes that viewers can see the work that he and his team put into the show.
Director of Photography, Lead Writer
Since the age of 5, Alex “ADM“ has enveloped a deep passion for storytelling through film and art. His mindset for creativity within the realms of film, art and storytelling altogether inspires him daily as he credits his creative foundation to late 90s music and the eccentric push of visual arts from around that time. Upon Graduating in 2017 with his recording engineering degree, Alex decided to step into a more serious role with filmmaking and produced, directed and shot films within his hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina and across the U.S. His love for manifesting visual treatments for his vast artistic Clientele guided him into his new found love for writing which he says "has opened up an entire new world to me." "I never wanted to be limited to my creativity, whether it was storytelling through art or filmmaking, I always wanted to stay true to my vision and ideas" Alex says.
Creative Director

Pasquale Dorsi is an animator, illustrator, and designer who graduated from Monmouth University. He works with animators, video game designers, illustrators, and other artists to share his passion for art. His goal is to bring his characters to life and create timeless stories for everyone to enjoy. Since joining the team, he has worked hard to coordinate with his fellow teammates. As the creative director, Pasquale oversees all visual aspects of the company and reviews all designs for approval. Directing, managing, and mentoring fellow team members to help with production to keep up with efficiency while striving for growth within the company. Oversee all work within the company, communicating with others to create entertaining videos and promotional art.

In his off time, Pasquale likes to work on independent art projects. Enjoys attending art events and supporting other artists. When he is not working, Pasquale likes to party at concerts, take walks in the woods, and spend time with his dog Taco.

COO, Business Manager

Every rowdy band of brothers needs an exalted loveable elder, and Golden Dynasty Entertainment is no exception- Enter Phillip Jones. Born in Columbia, MD and settling in Greensboro NC, this proud HBCU graduate of A&T State University (AGGIE PRIDE!!!) has made a name for himself in many prestigious and respected circles. 

As a skilled/multi-faceted administrative professional and “right hand man” of CEO GoldenLord (Luis Gracia) Phill was a natural fit as Chief Operating Officer. 

Big-hearted and passionate about coaching with care, Phill’s expertise on working with ambitious people and coordinating grass roots efforts originated from his time as a special needs community advocate which has continued to serve him well within his current role and in every endeavor that he has taken on. With fascinations in the culinary arts, classical music vocals, and entrepreneurship, this man is always on the move and constantly empowering himself through culture. Golden Dynasty is thrilled to have Phil at the helm of its operations and considers him an integral part of this team.

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